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Best in Class Mobile Apps For Independent Practice.


Promote Your Coaching Business with A Custom Mobile App


Coaching is a very competitive market for finding loyal clients, so differentiating your business from others is important. Mobile apps are useful tools for promoting your coaching business and organizing your unique programs.


Mobile websites are becoming easier to use and this has driven people to use their smartphones more often than desktops for Internet searches. The problem with that trend is they have to actively search for your site and, according to the Nielson Norman group, users leave websites in under a minute on average. That’s a very small window to communicate your brand and key messages.

Whether your business is life coaching, health coaching, training, or even executive coaching, mobile apps are a great way to stay top of mind and hold your clients accountable. Rather than emailing your materials or referring them to your website, you could simply have them download your app. Now, your mobile app is easily accessible and organized exactly how you want your material to be consumed.

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Our turnkey mobile-app development solutions give you everything you need to take customer engagement and retention to the next level. This will result in:

  • What can be done with a custom mobile app?

  • Leverage video content.

  • Build quizzes and forms for easy interactions.

  • Use dependencies and prerequisites to guide users with locked content based on the completion of tasks.

  • Promote new content through push notifications.

  • Provide better client services.

  • Stream your social media or podcasts to gain new subscribers.

  • Prompt them for reviews.

  • Provide itineraries and information for coaching events.

Patient empowerment is the cornerstone of self-directed care and better patient-educator interactions.

It all starts with you.

TouchPoint Studio teams up with your business to create the best custom app for your coaching business type and clientele. Our app success managers work with you from the beginning to understand your brand and programs. Most businesses don’t have huge IT departments specializing in app technology. We know this, so your app success manager is there to help your app succeed and improve based on feedback and updates to technology. Once an app is released, we continue to be a part of that business’s team!


If you are interested in partnering with TouchPoint Studio, contact us here (link) for a demo and more information.

Amber Wendover of Thinking People Consulting

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