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Modern Technology for Educational Tools and Programs

Design your custom app for your programs, quizzes, and other educational tools. These days almost everybody has a smartphone or tablet, even small children. Mostly they are used for games and social media, but they are also used for learning. Mobile apps allow virtual “classrooms” for your audience, bringing a whole new meaning to “small class sizes.”


Captivating your audience is easier when the program is a more personal experience. Whether your program is designed around coursework and quizzes, medical and healthcare, or any other niche educational markets, TouchPoint Studio is able to customize it with our various features.


People are already using their phones for studying, so creating your program to fit their favored technology for learning just makes sense! Mobile apps are also a great way to stay top of mind and hold your students accountable for their learning.

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Apps built by TouchPoint Studio can be customized to add to your current coursework, or completely replace how your current program is completed. Here are some features:

  • Integration with social networks

  • Video

  • Tests, quizzes, and surveys

  • Locked content with prerequisites and dependencies

  • Push notifications

Student empowerment is the cornerstone of self-directed continued education and better student-educator interactions.

It all starts with you.

TouchPoint Studio partners with you to create the best custom app for your educational business type and student. Mobile apps can even be great for working professionals to use as reference guides or other educational tools. An app success manager will work with you from the beginning to design your program for app technology. Once an app is released, they will still be there to help your app succeed and improve based on feedback and changes to your curriculum. 


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