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Custom Mobile Apps for Real Estate Agents

Differentiate Your Real Estate Agency From Your Competitors.

Real estate is an extremely competitive business, especially when it comes to first time home buyers. Standing out from the crowd isn't easy when you don't have a huge marketing budget, so marketing efforts need to provide real value and information to the consumer. As a real estate agent, you probably have a myriad of information that gets emailed to new clients or handed to them in a nice branded folder. In an increasingly technological industry, and app can help not only in differentiating your brand but also organizing and streamlining the way information is given to your clients. 

Consumers are using their mobile devices more often than desktops for Internet searches. The issue with this trend is they have to actively search for your site via a search engine and, according to the Nielson Norman group, users leave even mobile optimized websites in under a minute on average. That's a very small window to communicate your brand and key benefits. Offering potential and existing clients an app for all of their communication and to-do lists gives your brand added value and increases retention. 

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A first-time home buyer probably has no clue where to start. With a TouchPoint Studio​ custom mobile app you can provide them with many different features, and a place to begin their process. 

Mobile apps can be designed for many different needs:

  • Education on setting prices and market updates.

  • Checklists for staging and other questionnaires. 

  • Title and loan process information.

  • Going on market, showings, and open house to-do lists.

  • Important legal documents and electronic signatures.

  • Social media and current/past listing information.

  • Video content.

  • Inspection documents. 

And much more!

We team up with your agency or personal brand to create the best custom app for your real estate specialty and clientele. Our App Success Managers work with you from the design process to understand your brand and communication styles. Your App Success Manager continues to support after publishing your app to help you succeed and improve based on feedback and updates to technology. Once an app is released, we always remain a part of that business's app development team! 


If you are interested in partnering with TouchPoint Studio, contact us here for a demo and more information.

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