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Rewards Program

It’s a fact! 67% of customers prefer to do business with a company that has a loyalty rewards program. The good news? Now, it’s easier than ever.

Customize your activities and rewards.

Get insight into customer’s behavior.

Cards are saved on customer’s account.

Track customer’s progress.


Wine Tasting Experience

Wine connoisseurs love telling everyone how they rate your wine. Let them! In real time!

Feedbacks and ratings are saved and stored

Get insight into customer’s preferences.

Change and modify your tasting menus.

Applicable with live and virtual tastings.


Check-in Program

The GPS-based check-in feature in our app enables users to effortlessly record their visits to your business locations with pinpoint accuracy.

Dictate the duration and frequency of check-ins.

Get insight into customer’s bahavior.

Sync check-in time with your operation schedule.

Opportunity to create friendly competition.


Mood/Status Tracker

The mood tracker feature in our app empowers users to monitor their emotional well-being by allowing them to log their daily moods with a simple selection and write a brief journal entry to capture the context.

Track mood or status of ailment over time.

Encourage more time spent in app

Perfect for healthcare or coaching business

Colors, icons, and copy are all customizable.

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