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Best-in-class mobile apps for independent pharmacies.

Technology that Meets the Needs of Pharmacy

Apps are changing the way customers do business and pharmacies are no exception. Innovative pharmacy owners are leveraging mobile technology to help streamline refill requests, improve adherence, deliver patient education, market new products and services, generate referrals, and more. Providing a higher level of service to your customers entails being available 24/7 and a customized mobile app is the answer. Let your pharmacy stand out and inspire your patients using TouchPoint Studio!


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Spotlight on Pharmacy 

Independent pharmacies rely on building real, lasting relationships with their patients. The many one-on-one interactions your customers have with you are a large part of why they choose you – and why you continue to do what you do every day.


But mobile apps enable your customers to connect with you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from virtually anywhere around the globe! Using innovative mobile technology, your pharmacy can:

  • (Re)fill prescriptions

  • Improve adherence

  • Deliver patient education

  • Market new products and services

  • Generate referrals – and so much more.

For almost two decades, we have worked with pharmacies of all sizes—from national chains to the local “little guys”—to put their stores directly in the hands on their customers.


How could a mobile app benefit your pharmacy? Time to find out!





7 Compelling Reasons Why Your Pharmacy Should Have a Mobile App

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